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Me as the Harlequin Poison Dart Frog By Jemma


I am a Poison dart frog and I live in The Amazon. People think I am green to camouflage from predators but I do exactly the opposite. I make predators draw attention to me with brightly coloured skin. The bright colour serve as a warning to other animals that could be poisonous by doing this, this makes animals stay well away. I am golden arrow poison frog, for example, they have enough poison in its skin to kill over ten people!! But luckily I’m not one of them.

Did you know??

Some Amazonian Indians put poison from frogs and plants on their arrow tips when hunting in the forest !!

I go out hunting for food every morning I love bugs but I have to be careful on what bugs I eat. Due to tiny but deadly insects are every where in the rainforest. Mosquitoes carry many horrible diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, both of which can be deadly to humans also animals. Even though I carry poison and diseases, other animals carry different deadly threats. Which would not be good mixing with mine. To not get poisoned I need it gab them with the back of my hard tounge to squeeze the deadly threats out of them. Then after all that I can finally have my brecky for the day.


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me as a harlequin poison dart frog by amy


I am a harlequin poison dark frog I live in the Amazon rainforest. there lots of us in this rainforest ; we are poisonous also camouflage so no predators  try to hunt us down. however some of them find us because we change colour so we can draw the other frogs attention that the frogs skin may be poisonous. we have enough poison in our skin to kill up to 10 people. so that is why most animals don’t try and kill us or eat us

we are safe in the Amazon rainforest but nothing really happens it can be a boring life but it does get interesting when animals try and eat us. we are not like normal frogs and camouflage into thing we are protective with each other. we have a brightly coloured skin. there is  no animal that like to eat us or try to kill us so we are perfectly safe and we are  rare in different types of rainforest. a golden arrow frog is one of the most dangerous frogs because not all other frogs have poison to kill other animal such as tiger lion and other dangerous animals and kill humans in 10 minuets or less.

I would say we are lucky creators but today we killed a lion but we hunt them differently we jump on them  and bit them and in 10 minutes they faint and then we just go back to our home like it didn’t even happen.

did you know???????

some Amzonian Indian put poison form frogs or plants on their tips when hunting in the rainforest.




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island by Matthew


Dear home me and columbas are finally at the island and have found some strange delicacies which seem to be tasty and delicious after trying some samples but they seem to be exceedingly rare. columbas is determined to collect as many as possible but can’t seem to get them we have both searched all over it seems to that the villagers might have taken them and hid them, after all columbas is quite scary because of his face.

We have decided to name most off them when the ones which we have discovered we do not yet know if their is any more delicacies or any gold. I seem to get along with the villagers but is it just crazy columbas they don’t get along with. If we could have more people come over to search for more food that would be great.

P.S make sure they are not scary!

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A letter home ( Dead Adventures )

25 March 15
Dear Home,
I have discovered India with my trusty pal Columbus. We discovered Indians 
watch out though there cannibals! We also discovered many delicacies like 
cocoa and tobacco.

Columbus is a very trusty man after all he saved my life after a Viking
tried to kill me with his bare hands. My brother and trustworthy family I
will be home soon not now though. That's all for now bye

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Review of Lost To John Lockyer By Charlie


It was …

GREAT no AWESOME!!! The only thing I didn’t understand was Umbro and what he is going to do next – please write a sequel to Lost so I know what is going to happen. By the way I have a title for the sequel called Found as Valdez has been rescued and “FOUND” by Sera. My favourite part most probably was when the eelbird kept bouncing on Valdez while he was gasping for breath in the pool OR when their was the shock-spined red bear that casually walked into the cave and just helped itself to his stone safe and just dozed off.



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Dear John Lockyer


Lost was an amazing book (especially the wacky but fantastic ending)the beginning was action packed when the shuttle lost control and crashed straight into the muddy swamp/steam vent area. How did Umbro escape so quickly? It was amazing how Valdez survived the crash and managed to keep alive from the eel bird , gorilla hybrid and the electronic red colossal hedgehog thing without even getting bitten or shocked or paralysed from all these extremely wacky creatures that Umbro apparently let loose on the planet of Eco. The ending was extremely mind boggling as you were given absolutely loads of information all at once in a big cluster. Especially when you find out that Sera isn’t the evil person and Umbro has been all along. Another weird thing is that the antidote to the chaos is the worlds tiniest thing in the centre of some handy metal tool and it can save the entire world with just a few drops. I would love you to make a sequel to Lost.

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queen spy


what age and height was he  and the cooler you see we need all the idea of him so it will be easer to catch him did you have a theory  of who would do this or have any thing against you to do so . As we have take some people in a interrogation room and would like you to come on Friday , to see if any look like the person who broke in to your property last week .  Again we are very sorry about the time it has taken this long to do it there again we have been busied this past week and know one is been able to see you and today was the fastest we could .

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wanted poster by Daniel



He is a filthy looking boy who breaks into peoples house just because he doesn’t like them a €5000 reward will be given to the person who finds them. The police really need to find them it will be easier if all the village helps to try and find him. He was last in in Mr Thatcham’s house. Sadly he has ran away and we can lot find him we need help on this. The boy who is called Nat was seen before breaking into the house with a man the child and the man were seen trying to steel some things from the kitchen they started to steel some of the plates that cost a lot of money sadly all of the plates were broken and the money was stolen the teacher who was burgled wipes children for having a cold this is not fair that is why the boy decided to go into the house and get payback on the teacher for assaulting the children. This boy can not be on loose anymore because he is going to rob other people. Next time he does it might be worse then it is now so me will be rewarding £5000 to anyone who  does bring him into the police he will then be in jail for 3 years.

Yours sincerely the police

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A Police Report By Jemma


PC Mike

Monday 12th March 2013

On Monday 12th March 2013 at 2:45pm an intruder entered a house ( which was down Lee lane number 45). This was a unusual break in forensic test show that there was not any prints on the things that had of been move or broken. Despite them been broken and moved nothing had been stolen. There was interviews with Mistress Baker, Great Aunt Anne and the Father. Which includes  the father  stating ” I was in the house at the time.” Police from Sun Hill have being questioning him about things like did hear anything? Was it you? Do you know them? And did you let them in?

The interview with Mistress Baker: Police present Bob Trollup and PC Mike.

And Mistress Baker who is now in custody.

” Where was you on the 12th of march 2013 at the 2:45 pm”

” I was at the pet shop with the father”

“How could you of been with the father when the father full admitted that he was in the house at the time”

” No he was with me, ok he wasn’t with me but he did not break it his own house!!!”

At the end of the interview Mistress Baker did admit that she the one that moved the things around that 2:00 am but she wasn’t the one who broke all there thing she also admit that she knows who the robber was she said it was Great Aunt Anne. In further interviews with  Mistress Baker and Great Aunt Anne she also fully admitted that she did break into the house.


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police report by amy


Tuesday 24th September 2012

On Tuesday a intruder enter the house at 2 am on cherry lane door number 123 this break was different because the person who did this didn’t steel anything or left any evidence behind. However no one got killed but the owner of the home said “no thing were missing but the door was open and I always check every night and day”

there was some interviews made and most of them said “they  must of left the door open” despite some thing were broken and the investigator and police will the discover the house to see who the intruder was. one peace of evidence had been found ,that is a hand print, but states to be the owner of the house !

we interview mistress baker and said “nothing was stolen of my part of the house so I would say that the intruder come down stair and broke thing in there” the farther(who in the house at the time) was also interviews he states “I was in the house at the time and did hear a little bit of noise but I mind it because I thought it was coming from outside” the farther was asked questions like . do you know who he is? what types of noise did you hear?

he said  that he heard smashing noises and banding on the floor. the rest of the people told us that they did not hear any noises such as banding or thing braking but on did say the were talking but be able to work out the intruder was


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