hull fair by harry


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One gloomy night i went to hull fair and gosh it was cold it was so cold my full body went numb.As we enterd we got squashed by a collosal crowd it was like being at Troffalger square on new year.But as soon as i walked in i knew that i could smell tasty hot dogs and mouth watering burgers.Also i could hear the head banging tunes wich were as loud as a roadeo.


what if we unlocked 100% of our brain by matthew


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Have you ever wonderd if someone unlocked 100% of their brain? I have well let me tell you that if you didn’t already know that humans only use 10% of  the brain. But it can be unlocked by drugs or working realy hatd at school or colage. Maybe just if we did  we could we could fly or  morph (shape shift) into anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As well as been more smart than google!  we could also probaly controla other peoples minds and be invisible

yam’s shadow kingdom


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Yam’s shadowy kingdom looks like hell there is shadows hiding in the dark and creepy noises all over the full kingdom.He lives in a huge amazing castle that has souls flying around in his huge castle that is in the middle of a forest that has huge trees the size of a giant.Yam is 8 feet tall which is really tall it is as tall as the school tower which is amazingly tall.

If you went to his shadowy kingdom you would not survive in the dark shadowy places in the kingdom because there is monsters in the dark so if you do go you wont survive.It does not matter were you go there you will die if it is dark .The full kingdom is always dark at night so hide in a house at night because if you are in the dark at night so if you go out at night yam will steal your soul then you will die so if you follow him you will die in his kingdom.

All the time there is a huge crash of thunder or a tower falling over and landing on the ground broken into little bits this is why it is not a good idea to go there.There is never a blue sky it is always misty because of all the shadow on buildings and small lights shine in the dark which are usually survived but they are never seen again after there scream of horor of there death.Nobody will survive the shadow kingdom because  it is a place were sombody dies knowbody will hear your scream.

a discription on yamas shadowy kingdom


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Sad this place is sad. It  smells of poo and wee. No-one would want to live here, especily liveing people! Every one lookes creepy and flustered but the most creepy person is Yama. This would be the most haunting experiance.

The people buy tatty clothes and dont even were them they burn them into ashes. All the children say the alphabet back and every one speeks back. Peoople eat roten flesh and other descusting food like that. “I i curse this school!”say most of the children.

Yam’s Shadowy Kingdom


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Yam’s shadowy castle is dark and gloomy and looks like a GINOURMOUS  creepy dungeon.All you can hear is a blowing up sound.All you can see is souls that are screaming AH! Let me go. The castle scares everyone and everything away.

If you went to his shadowy kingdom you would not survive in the dark shadowy places in the kingdom because there are monsters in the dark so if you do go you won’t survive. It does not matter were you go there you will die if it is dark. The full kingdom is always dark;you will never survive in there.

Yam will suck your soul if you enter his kingdom without permission.So Yam’s castle is pretty scary so I wouldn’t go there if I was you.Yam is a scary character who sucks up souls AH! he always comes if someone is dead like death but better.

Savitri’s tale by Mollie


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The Great Yama owns the SHADOWY KINGDOM the most haunted place of all. Lost souls that have been sucked out of bodys lurk there as they can’t find their way to heaven. The sky is grey , the floor is black with muck and most of all the trees are so old they can barely hold themselves up. Every dawn a soul eventually find its way out of the horriblle shadowy kingdom and up into the beautiful blue sky of heaven. 24 hours pass by and still no souls are let free they are all still stuck in  the shadowy ki9ngdom that is beheld by the great Yama. Dreadfully the black musky damp floor causes shadows to slip and fall. B but one faitfull day a young girl follows yama to his kingdom due to her “husbands” life had been taken. The graet yama is so awfully posesed by his beloved land he sadly murdered his own wife that was so verry beautiful and wanted only one thing …                            to see her husband change.

But the only way she could return to the great yama was if the great one had changed by the time he is 44 but that is only one year ahead!

the graet yama is theat so much posesed with his kingdomn and every thing in it that he casnt even remember his own children .




HOW SAD IS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shadowy Kingdom


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Shadowy Kingdom is a magical place. It is dark, it is smokey it as if you are walking into a fire every time you go. There are tree trunks sticking out to get you the trees are bare with all the leaves on the floor. The trees are so tall and it is so misty that you can not even see the sky, it is so  dark that you can’t even see it is like you are walking into  a haunted house. When you are thereit is like it is halloween every single day.

You can smell the smoke. When you walk into the magical forest the branches are out to get you and take you away into the mist so you can never be seen again and there is nothing you can see. It is like you are walking into the darkness. The shadows are out to catch your soles they are sole sucking monsters. There is no movement yet you can hear the wistle of the wind and the creeking of the the bridge but nothing is as scarey as the tumbling rocks because you have no idea where they are going to  landthey could land right infront of your feet and you wouldn’t know because it is so dark you can’t see.

You can hear the crackling of the leaves. The sky is grey the floor is black the trees are so old that they can barely hold themselves up right. Ome of the trees are so old that they are having a sleep on the floor because they are so old and that the wind had made them callapse. So now they lay peacefully  on the ground in their bed.

Every day is the the winter.  Even when it is sunny in the shadowy Kingdom it is still extremely dark there is not enough sun in the world to make the shadowy kingdom any brigher!

Write a crime scene report by Jack


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Inspector stamp

On the other hand,they has been a crime scene at a building called Marchmont Hall at the time of 3:05.At the moment of the robber takeing a golden frame with a posh picture inside it,they was a group of people walking to see all of the beatiful presentation.At the price of  nine thousand pounds this is one of the most things that will nearly destroy all of the customers connected hearts to broken ones in regardless of this.This has been reported all over the world to say they is a hidious freak on petrol trying o steal eveything in sight but haveing a plan to steal it with old rotten freinds.

This has been seen by over 20 people exploring the greatness of this posh and populaur picture store so everyone has to have a fashion of style.In the peoples concerns if they wouldnt of being there the man who made a attempt of stealing the frame had a missing finger which may had evidence.When the people was there staring at the man takeing the picture they took lots of pictures so they  dont have to remember what he looked like and what he did whilst he was being a foolish robber.On the mans gloves were plastic so no fingerprints were requierd of makeing evennmore evidence for the Inspector Stamp.

If more suspects are there then we need you to come forward and give information to the butler to pass on to the main man.On the other hand it will be helpful if they can be more stuff to bring forward to me so i can figer out what effect this has put on the hall.When the days has being rolling on we have got closer to the villian.WHOEVER IT IS THEY NEED TO GO TO PRISON FOR AGES FOR A PUNICHMONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The blind horse man by matthew


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Inspector stamp

Resantly Marchmont Hall The Blind Horse Man has been stolen and may be sold for nine million pounds! The time of the robbery was about 3:00pm with the robber wereing a black mask,brown shoes and black gloves with the left pinky missing. The thife desided to run to the window and jump out and then head for the forest.

It has been desided that the thife had ran to the barn and tuck of his discise. But thats were we found a pecie of duck tape what had the simble of the Marchmont Hall. So we found out that the robber had all 10 fingers as well as the butler had been framed.

We have come to our con clusan that the duke was indead that he was the robber.


Write a crime report By Jemma


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Inspector stamp

This report is on the robbery on The Blind Horseman at The Marchmont Hall.

The inverstion started on the 22nd of Septermber and ended on the 30th of Septermber.

From the information that I have got from some eye witnesses. I have found out that it was a nice sunny day at Marchmont Hall and suddenly out of nowhere a man came into the stately home…

And stole the most famous painting ever in the whole country. The painting that got took was called The Blind Horseman. At the time of the 3:00 robberythere was to children there at the time of the robbery. They give me some information on the robbery, they said that the person that came in was a tall person a man dressed in black on his left hand his little finger was gone. He did not have a little pinky. Once the theif had got the painting he ecasped out of the window he ran across the land of the stately home.