Baguette Blimy Abby and Mollie


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On Monday 1st October the princes ball was crashed by a mysterious girl in a jewel covered dress. Prince Charming was bowled by the beautiful stranger. She began the night in fine style, making a dramatic entrance from an elegant coach. Prince Charming danced for at least a minute and a half  before the disaster happened. Tragically, their almost relationship failed when their was a baguette on the table next to them………..

Then it was in his face.” His mother had to tell him to stop gawping like a gold fish,” said one of the palace servants, who witnessed the event. “Cinderella Nottapenny has everything- two loving sisters which are so ugly they could crack a mirror , a father that gives her everything  but still she wants more.

Who is this beautiful woman? and what does she want ?

my predicted ending of inside the game by charlie


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I predict that the mountain will save them from little princess because she goes crazy with the gem of electrodes and tries to destroy them but the mountain beast’s fur coat repels electricity with friction and the gem  explodes but little princess was crazy because when they were climbing the snake bit her and she was poisoned by the venom. So she went crazy eletricky.

My predicted ending by Kira Blain


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My prediction for the end of inside the game is that I think that the mountain beast will become their pet and it will ride them to the Little Princess’s kingdom. There, they will find a portal of some kind and automatically transport them back to reality. When they arrive they will have completed the computer game and they will always remember that time machine what was made by Chris’s Uncle Reg. Next they will race upstairs to tell their parents and they will not believe them so that will be Amy and Chris’s little secret for the rest of their lives. I think that the Little Princess will love the mountain beast and take care of  it like it is her own family. That way Chris and Amy will be happy as well as, the little princess and the mountain beast. After this, I predict that Chris and Amy will ask if they can go Han gliding and when they do it  will remind both of them of that moment on the Raja Birds backs. I also think that they will go back to seven missions and stay there for a while each day. I think that Amy will love video games just as much as Chris does so they can enjoy them together.

Email from zac to uncle globe


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Dear Uncle Globe

I have been thinking about our holiday and I dont like it when your just takling to Ruth because when you show her a creature you never show us so what is it.

Although the city i cool you still interact with her so what the point with us coming when you just talk to ruth because even though you try to talk to us mum thinks ruths your faviout child so which is it you alk to us or we will never come with you again so which ist you take ruth or we will you come with you.

In contrast to the “the amazing ruth” as the gang calls her she always has to

email from zac to globe by amy


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7th november

hi globe

i have been haveing a good time with ruth helping her complete all the challegeds some were very easy some were hard , all  these walking aroud has made me very sleepy so i was thinking of staying in for a day or two. although i am just wondering what challeges will  we be doing next, ive had am amazing time at at florida  looking at all the new see creatures swimming around.

the little fishes are small but if it is a babby shark they would be  the size of a human baby. i have been helping ruth doing all the fun water challanges shes more into fish then me , me of corse i like to go on advetuers and see the world not sit near a pool all day so would you make a challege were  i could go round in florida

im not looking forward for sleeping or camping but thanks for setting some challenges.

from zac

Books genre (Minecraft combat handbook)


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The Minecraft combat handbook is a helpful tip but there are a few things children will skip and they will get the wrong idea. Then again children will here how good this sounds but they will end up getting something to test something out. Further on in life will conclude them to becoming geeks (or basically end up wanting more games, and even more!)

If someone is already a geek (me) they will find out from this book how to defend and different techniques to battle back.What I found was three things which was mushroom souping, block hitting and also sprint hitting. The last to are to easy to find out but for mushrom souping you need to have a sword with mushroom soup in the other 8 slots in your hotbar.

In the text it says that: blockhit whilst simoultainiously eaing the soup to regain health.



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In this book Boy, wich is very well known, is really good because it tells you what his life was like in his childhood. I think children should read this book because it has technical launge so children can easily learn of what it was like in the olden times and how people who are poor use to live.

So i think people who read this book will learn something about it because it will tell you what they did in the olden times and also you can learn by looking at the pictures because t shows you what the cars were like and many other things. So i think people should read this book because also you can learn about everything in the olden times.

Danny the champion of the world


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In the famous book , Danny the champion of the world , it’s set in the past time ( I’m talking about 1900’s ) . Danny and his farther have a petrol station and a cara van to live in . His farther has been lying to him but what about?!

I would recomend this book for ages 8+ because there is some difficult words in the book plus there is also a bit as poaching animals. In my opinion , it is a decent book worth reading , in fact , it’s so good it’s a film and not forgeting the fabulous athour Rhoal Dhal.


Night Walk


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On the scariest night of the year, the 31st October, two girls went out for a walk and came across an eerie forest … With their hearts pumping out of their chest , Laura  and Alice decided to go in the forest but Alice was not so sure but Laura started to push Alice into the spooky forest.  The only noises they could hear was the rustling leaves under their feet the whistling of the wind and their own hearts pounding.

As the night drew in the sky was as dark as coal. As they zipped up their jackets they could feel the air getting as cold as ice. As they got further into the forest Alice  begged Laura to go  back, but Laura just dragged Alice by the arm and Alice had no choice but to go with her friend deeper into the forest .

As what felt like hours they came across an immense ,dark creepy house which was sat at the bottom of the spooky forest. Trudging towards the dark mysterious house with it’s over sized wooden door and crooked windows , Laura tried to pier through but the windows were so dirty they couldn’t see through. Alice tried the door. Suddenly it opened and the door went creek. Slowly they entered the house with having no idea what was ahead of them. When walking into the house they heard a bang, crash and then a scream! Laura said anxiously “Lets go and see what it is!” Alice had no choice but to say yes. All of a sudden Laura saw a piece of string on the floor she gave it a little tug then in the echoie room a bolder came shooting down  from the ceiling . Stood in the grand hallway all they could see was several doors and the most colossal staircase. Alice Begged Laura to go back but Laura said the only way I’m going to let you go back is if we can go in at least one more room.

Slowly Laura opened the door and tonnes of bats came flying out. Both of the girls couldn’t move because they had froze in horror. With a loud bang the two girls ran out of the house and forest. What they saw that night made them never go out on Halloween again. They never told anyone what they saw that night.

A Halloween night by Daniel


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It was a normal day for Sam, he thought it was going to be a normal Halloween but he was wrong. He went to his friend’s house for a Halloween party, there were lots scary ghosts all over the mansion. We thought his family had bought it to live in but  it was for a Halloween party. It was not funny after a while because Sam thought that his friend had locked him in but it was a haunted house and it was a ghost that locked him in the scary house. After a while there was scary music playing around the house, it was coming from the roof. There was a lot of ghosts having a party in there. Sam and his friend Harry collapsed because of the scary face in the middle dancing.

Due to it being Halloween the monsters decided to turn the lights off to scare them all. When Sam and Harry woke up the ghosts had gone  and were running all over the haunted house. “HELP!” shouted their dad. They could not think of this happening to them eve. Sadly they were too late to catch the dangerous monsters but there was time to save their FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.The house was 2000 years old and it was falling to pieces, this is why they were very wary from the ghost flying around the whole house. This scared poor little Sam and Harry who were 10 years old. They had been waiting for this moment.” WHO YOU GONNA CALL GHOST BUSTERS”. Sam pulled his phone out of his pocket and typed in a number 1273419″ Hello Ghost Busters speaking. How can I help?.” “There are 20 ghosts in my house and we are locked in. Help!!!!”.

In 2 hours they came and helped them. It was too late to catch the ghosts but not to save the children.They found Sam and Harry asleep on the floor upstairs. Ghost Busters waited for the next day to suck the ghosts into the ghost machine. Then the ghosts will be dead. That is the the plan of ghost busters. If this does not work they will have to use plan B. If that does not work back to the drawing board. So they are going to try their best to catch the ghosts. The family’s of the children were not told about this until it was done. They could not believe that this had happened to these 2 children. The recent owners of the haunted house were sadly killed by the horrible ghosts.

Amazingly the 2 boys had recovered from their recent experience of the ghosts.The ghosts had startled the 2 boys and put Sam’s dad in hospital. After this tragic event of the old house they decided to sell the house. They sold it for 2 x the price and believe it or not they bought 2 more haunted houses! This scary event had startled everyone in the world who watched it on the news. This was the most tragic event the world had ever come across and the world did not just say that, it was the truth of the world .