moving up to secondary school (malet lambert)


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               Malet Lambert

After the year 6 have done sats, it is then a big step for them. Nerves start to kick in, the students start to worrie about what grade the get in their sats. Some of the year 6 are going to malet lambert high school. This text will tell you about the uniform and what the expectations are at malet lambert.

  • Black blazer with school badge
  • White shirt with a collar and a school tie
  • Black, tailored trousers (capri pants, cropped trousers, culottes, shorts, leggings and footless tights are not appropriate dress for school and are not permitted)
  • Black, tailored skirt; must be knee length
  • Black shoes (trainers, combat style boots and casual boots are not appropriate footwear for school and are not permitted

Pullovers are optional, however, should students wish to wear a pullover it must be black and have a school badge.

You will need the following equipment: a pen, a pencil and a ruler. You will also need to carry your school planner with you that you will be given at the start of the year. Pupils are also expected to bring the correct PE equipment to PE lessons.

Unfortunatly if pupils are late 3 time is an automatic detention.

08.40 – Registration
08.45 – 09.00 Act of Worship, Tutor time, Assembly
09.00 – 10.00 Period 1
10.00 – 11.00 Period 2
11.00 – 11.15 Refreshment Break
11.15 – 12.15 Period 3
12.15 – 13.10 Lunch Break
13.10 – 14.10 Registration and Period 4
14.10 – 15.10 Period 5






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Hi my nam is Jessica and I wanted to inform you that pellacilin is a life saving medicine. Im going to explain how and why pellacilin is important for humans  and their illness what tey might get. Brilliant Alexander Flemin left a plate with bread on the side for a couple of days and then it turned into mould, well pellacillin is a mould n medicine and ages ago pellacilin saved a young girls life.


Guided Reading – By Tyler Bradshaw


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Monday 23rd June 2014

                                              CHAPTER ONE
All of a sudden my dark, bold and dull door was opened  by a starnge boy his hair was spiky like a hedgehog. Infact i trhink he is a wolf thr jagged teeth are as danger as a wire.
The kid just walked in and stated “WOW that’s gigantic”
“Well it is really dangerous,” replied Me “so do not touch the kind of thing.”
“It’s a extremely rare sea monste, ULF” I murmured. ULF’S body was tiny as a piece of led. He was touching it I was really angry but I really didn’t want to shout or scream at a young boy like that, even that he asked me, how to get him out of that tank.
I stated “i can’t tell u but the only thing is it is up stairs with a lot of creepy, haunted and dark room.
“It’s deadly,” he mentioned ” The Redback is probably the most venomous creature on the planet” 

To Uncle Globe


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Hi Uncle Globe are you haveing any luck on your animal research? I’m haveing a great time here the beach is lovely full of crabs and fish well enthough about me. How are you doing are you enjoying your self there? Zac is plying in the rock pool looking for: crabs,fish and seahorses.

Zac and I miss u a lot and i cant wait until you tack use on that trip in three weeks like you said to Austrilla.I have been in the sea looking for fish i found: a clown fish, puffer fish, samlon, sea bass and sardens. Towmorrow i’m going to the aquaiam to see if i can see any now fish or maybe even a shark. Zac is to the cimina towmorow the choise was cimina or aquiam. I will stop now because my mum is calling for tea i will keep this going and i will carry on tomorrow when i get back from the aquiam bye.

I’m back it was great there was lot’s of fish guess what… i saw a shark it was called a basking shark but the weied thing is it has no teeth. Have you ever seen one because you tolled  me that have see alot of sharks.

Zac just got back now he went to see Godziler he said it was really good but I don’t like films like that.


Giant’s Diary – Ellie


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Dear diary

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me … I lost all my cherished belongings! This is awful! They have taken my  golden coins and my hen. I am … FURIOUS. Now I have nothing – which is bad – because somebody stole it. What are they gonna do with all that money? There was so much (probally more thn you could ver dream of). This is bad: what about if they tell somebody else about my castle.

Then they will tell somebody else about my castle; until finally every one knows. Sitting on my bed I felt mortified concurrent suspicious. What would they want wit a stupid hen any way? My body swelled up in anger. I felt humiliated. I knew I couldnt go down to the human world because they would see where I came from, I was frightened; frightened because some one might find us and ur castle. I need to stop this person.

I need to stop this person, straight away. Despite the anger telling me to stop them from telling, I stayed calm. Until my money is found, I will not stop searching. Whilst I was sat down I shouted ” fe fi fo thumb i smell the blood f a engilish man, be he live or be he dead i grind his bones to make my bread.” That made me feel slightly better but i was still so angery.

I feel so stupid. I let them pinch my things. I began to ask myself lots of questions How did they get up here? Will they come back?

Hopefully they won’t come back. We will find out tomorrow. I hope they don’t that would be awful. I will protect my castle from preditors. Thanks your a great friend diary.

From      x x x The grand giant x x x



By Jacek – Buddhist


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People that belive in the relligon, Buddhist don’t eat meat. They belive that there founder, Buddha shows them the way to live. Buddha was a man named Siddhartha Gautama, he didin’t belive in any other god, and people did not worship him, they pay him respect and ttry to follow his teachings. Buddhinsts are concerd for all living things. They belive in treating humans and animals with respect.

Buddhints beliove that there male children (mostly) should turn into monks for a couple of months, to do that the wear monkey robes, also female children do it to but only for a couple of days.

Many Buddhints meditate, to reac Niveria – which is joy and freedom- this involvs deep concertration. That is very hard and to do it perfectly you will need years of practice.

Buddhints don’t prayer because there is no god to pray to. In Tiblet there are things to spin or wave. So the joyfull thoughts spread around the place.

Dali Lama was a famous religon teacher, who traveld around the worlds to teach other people about the religon Buddhints



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Buddhist belive that their founder, Buddha,shows them the way to live. Buddha was a man named Siddhartha Gautama. He did not belive in a god and they did not worship the buddha. They pay respect to him and try tofollow his teaching. Buddhists are concerned for all living things. They do not eatmeat and they belive in treating humans and animals with respect.

The eight fold path is an eight spoked wheel that is the simbol of buddism. His speech is called Sermon of the turning of the wheel.

Many Buddhists do not pray because there is no god to pray to. In Tibet there are ‘prayer wheels’ and ‘prayer flags’ to spin or to wave, as if to spread good thoughts out into the world.

Items used at shrines in homes to help meditation include:

  1. A picture or statue of Buddha.
  2. Small bells.
  3. Bowls of water.
  4. Sticks of incense, which gives off a plesant smell when  burned.
  5. a Thanka

The Dalai Lama speaking to Buddhists



Roald Dahl’s book Boy- by courtney


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Roald Dahl’s book Boy was good because it took you back into the 1930’s. I enjoyed this book because at the begining of the story 5 boys got the cane because they went to the sweet shop and put a plastic rat in one of the sweet jars. The rat scared the shop lady, so she shut the shop. The next day the lady went to the school that the boys went to and told the headmaster that the put the rat there. The 5 boys were sent to the heads office and were caned if they jumped up and screamed they would get the cane again until they didn’t scream.

Later on in the story boy got his addanoys taken out. They sterrolized the knife in boyling hot water so the knife didn’t cause any infection in the mouth.

Another reason why i enjoyed the book is because Roald Dahl described the matron well a matron is someone who gards all the bedroom doors so no one can escape.

Argument on Danny from Danny the champion of the world


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Danny (from Danny the champion of the world) is a great role model for kids since he is a young boy who lives in the countryside with his father. He dosent hav any technical things like i pads, i phones and i pods like other children ; Danny has learnt to live a fun life with just him and his dad and thier filling station. This story has a meaning to it (even if you dont have the newest device think about those poor children who dont even have enough money to buy food). Danny didnt go to school, insted he helped his dad at the filling station fixing cars and taking them apart. Danny knew if he didnt help his dad at the filling station his dad woudnt have enough money to buy food. Danny lives with his dad because at a very young age his mother died and she had left Danny’s dad to take care of Danny and keep him safe. Danny dosent remember his mum tht much since she died when he was very young, so all them lucky children out there with a mum and a dad appreciate it because your one of the lucky ones. Even though Danny dosent have a mum he still lives a good life with his father and at te filling station. Now you know why Danny s a good role modl to children.

Danny explanation Luke


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Danny is an insperation to children: he helps his dad round the garage and catching pheasants. Despite him only just starting pheasanting,  he thought of a brand new trap for pheasants. He put sleeping pils inside raisains for the pheasants to eat. Even though it sounds bad, that is how he gets his food; he’s poor.

It’s been a hard time for Danny and his dad, when Danny was extremley young his mother passed away. Despite his mother not been with or with his father, Danny is taken after his mother because she loved pasanting. His mother would be proud.

Living in a caravan with no modern technoligy, pheasants are very expensive and dear. As cars come travelling in and out of the garage, there is always one person who is a bully to Danny and his father. Mr. Hazellnut. He’s a fat bearded man who is rich and lives in a callosal house. Mr. Hazellnut just throws his keys at Danny bushy face and announces “Boy, don’t leave a tiny scratch on this glamarous car or else!!!!!” He’s horrible.

Danny is an inspiration to everyone, inspiration because he helps and works at an age of nine or ten. Lots of people shoould look up to him.