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How has the character of Nat developed through both texts


Nat developed by moving jobs, his first job was a vagrant (Queen’s spy) to a servant to a person in the text called Edward and his family. This is seen where it states on the title of the 1st book “The Queens spy” and in the 2nd book it states “he gave up the spy life to be a servant.

He has become more likeable because the 2nd job it is friendlier because he doesn’t go braking into peoples houses  or nearly getting killed by evil people who stole things instead he helps people and does the opposite thing to serve others



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How does Nat (who’s out of the velvet thief) change?


Nat out of the velvet thief has changed since the previous book because he would misbehave and break into peoples houses such as a teachers. Also he would tempt to murder, however he is now following Edward’s rules and coming along to be trusted. On the other hand, in The Queens spy (the book before velvet thief)he wanted to kill a close friend but became fascinated by him. Luckily it turned into a frenimy. But it could still turn into a disaster.

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How Nat changed


Nat has made his way through both texts by in the first book he was a vagrant pretending to be a spy. This concludes to the next book because in the first book he (at the end) he was given a job at Edwards house. Whereas in the second book ( in the beginning) he was seen cleaning out the jakes pit. This affects the reader by showing them that he is capable of helping others instead of being a vagrant.


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How does Nat (who’s out the velvet thief) change?


Nat out of the velvet thief has changed since in the previous book he was breaking into houses and attempting murder , however now he’s cleaning and obeying Edward. Also he’s listening to Edwards family and he’s coming along trustworthy. On the other hand , in the queen’s spy (the book before) he lied  and wanted to murder a fellow friend which turned into a frenimy !!! Nat warns Edwards family.

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my description of John Lockyer’s style of writing


John Lockyer makes books very similar to how Anthony Horrowitz  does because they are always full of suspense and … GREAT !!!  But one thing that ruins them is the repetition of suspense because you want to read on. But one thing John Lockyer does differently is that he shows guilt because in Lost Valdez is always thinking of Sera betraying everyone by creating the virus but he just doubts it by thinking why should she make it just to fix it ? As well as thinking she created the virus, he also thinks she may have killed her senior scientist (named Umbro) because he eavesdropped on Sera and Umbro and he wanted something from Sera but she declined his request so it must be very important.

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John Lockyer similarities and differences

John Lockyer’s style of Lost is spooky\survival\mystery but it is also extremely exciting at the same time. Amazingly, his style is a lot different from other author’s style in their books that I have read because, he makes it full of excitement and suspense that leaves you wanting to read on( just like all the other authors). But (what makes him amazing is that)  he fills his book with a bit of mystery which makes the reader think that something weird is going on and as the reader progresses through the book they can’t shake the feeling that something awkward may be going on through the book or something to do with the characters. Because he is talking about Valdez’s sister( Sera ) and that Valdez ( and the reader) constantly think that her and her assistant (Umbro) are plotting something big until Umbro dies and then he just suspects his sister but it continues to unravel the mystery of whether she is up to something throughout the book. That is what I love about John Lockyer’s style throughout the amazing book which is known as Lost.
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The jump : JB


Waiting calmly as he shook of his nerves . As the crowd went willed with  anticipation screaming his name  while he thinks to him self I cant let them down not now .Suddenly his face dropped as he skimmed the crowd then he sour his family . presher was on him all looking at his family was they going to soport him even if he lost will he ?wont he?

Lost in mind he never  herd the speker say jb as the scatse were on no going back as the last breth as he slid down aboth the small mice as his nees bent down as low as amushroom then everyone wispering to each other jb,jb,jb,jb hes got it must he not win will be a mistery will he?wont he?

Powerfully he jumped !

whoooo the crowd scremed enyone and everyone dicided to have a grate jumped oboth his cold ice white sheet of thick deep snow his face was in shock will i win he thort to him sellth in the heat of the moment then his name was shouted from the specer waiting to get the risults will he? wont he?

finly every thing was done the last thing going froue his mind was to win he was to focust on his family in the crowd who were shouting his nam and  even crying at the same time as there are so proud of him and they would do enything for him to get the best of egocaton he can get will he? or wont he?

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The jump


As I walked up the stairs to the ramp I heard the gate close bang!I knew there where no going back.”Come on Stevo you can do it” I said to myself. I went to the ramp my heart beating out of my chest this was it I have done a lot of challenges and this isn’t the hardest.My skies lined up on the ramp I looked down my legs shaking like I was in the North pole. As I let go of the bar I went down the the slope and 1 second later I was in the air I landed on my feet “yes” I had the ramp now the rest of the course to do.The crowd shouting Stevo Stevo you can do it Stevo.The rest of the course was easy the only parts that where hard where the corners I had done the first corner.

Well done Stevo it was at that moment when I thought it was all going well but then I slipped I nearly went into a tree I steered out of the way of the tree I was doing fine then on the second corner I did the same.It was at that moment my life flashed before my eyes I was shore that I would not be able to steer out of the way of this tree.But I did only half a mile left until the finish “yes”.All of the crowd watching me like I was ghost this was a bit creepy but I had bigger problems to worry about.Anyways the finish was around the corner.”hallelujah I had done it now this is something I will never forget “.What an achievement to be able to do the jump this where so fun eventhough I felt sick.But that didn’t matter I wouldn’t fell sick for that long.

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The jump:JB Gill


As JB is waiting for the blasting boom box speakers to burst out his name , he adrenalines himself with warm thoughts”just ski then jump!” he repeated several times! “JB , start the jump!”

He ran to the top of the steel stairs. He was in position . Adrenaline . Fear . suddenly the whole world paused for a second!

“ARRGH!” his heart was a train as he thought he was a mad guy. he approached the skelington!


The wind struck punches at his face as he went lower. Euphoria filled his body. JB landed with a face plumet. like a boss he took of his helmet and exclaimed ” JUST SKI THEN JUMP!”


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The jump: Phil Tuffnel


Its time. I tell myself “Believe what ever happens just believe.” Scared. Anxious.

I snapped a glance a my heart beat it was 156 beats per minute. ” You’re alright” my coach urged.

The adrenalin hit me. It boosted me up aggressively . I go. Startled bewildered confused: I think why am I here? I launch of the stand hoping I live and survive.

Suddenly I landed.

I felt like there was a hurricane of euphoria running through my body. I hear my wife over all of the other voices in the stadium. The presenter called my name. I came. She said”how are you feeling that you landed the jump?” I stated that I felt fine and I was so happy that I landed but it is not over yet who will be going home. It was me I new it was coming and it was me who was going home.


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